Cessna 182 For Sale: Buy A Skylane

Finding the right Cessna 182 For Sale that includes the options you want at a price that meets your budget is easier than most prospective owners realize.

The Cessna 182 is an American built, single engine, four seat (with an optional two child seats in the baggage area), tricycle gear airplane capable of cruising at more than 170 miles per hour with a rate of climb of 924 feet/minute. The “Skylane” has been a staple of the skies since it first rolled off the Cessna assembly line in 1956, and is still being produced today.

The 182 is a great airplane that serves many purposes very well. For starters, it’s perfect for general aviation enthusiasts who actually travel in their airplanes. It moves quick, flies high, is very dependable and is very efficient for its size. It’s also great for building hours and experience. On the commercial aviation side, it’s powerful enough to fly paying passengers or cargo.

In fact, it’s second only to the Cessna 172 “Skyhawk” in terms of overall popularity. It’s the second most produced airplane in history.

Built on the very successful Cessna 180 design, the 182 offered tricycle gear (the 180 was a tail dragger). And it’s a bit bigger and more powerful than its 172 cousin, though many parts and design features are shared between the two.

Cessna 182 Variations

The most popular variation was the famed Cessna 1802RG, of which the “RG” stood for “Retractable Gear.” The advantage of retractable gear is obvious to most pilots and aircraft owners: Less drag. That lower coefficient of friction translates into faster cruise and climb speeds without needing additional engine power, thus making the aircraft much more efficient. If you’re looking for this option, then refine your search to Cessna 182RG For Sale.

That said, fixed gear have advantages, too. For starters, flying retractable gear requires a special training. But perhaps most importantly on the financial side, fixed gear don’t need the complicated and expensive moving parts that the retractable landing gear do. Fixing these when they break can set owners back a substantial amount of money.

Other Variations. Cessna designated each of its 182 versions with a letter, and those variations range from A to T.

Turbo Charged Variations: Looking for more power? You might want to focus your search on Cessna 182 Turbo Sale. Turbo chargers increase the power output of any engine, thus further increasing cruise speed and rate of climb while reducing minimum take off distance.

Cessna 182 Specs

(Based on the Cessna 182T Specifications)

  • Cruise Speed: 167 miles per hour
  • Never Exceed Speed: 201 miles per hour
  • Stall Speed: 56 miles per hour
  • Ceiling: 18,100 feet
  • Range: 1,070 miles
  • Rate Of Climb: 924 ft/min

For more information, visit www.cessna.com

Buy A Cessna 182 For Sale

Because Cessna still produces the 182, that means you have two big choices right off the bat:

  1. Buy A New Cessna 182, and
  2. Buy A Used Cessna 182

There are significant advantages and disadvantages to both, and it’s strongly recommended that you spend time researching both before making your final decision. Remember, new doesn’t always cost more, and used doesn’t always mean “worn out” or “lemon.” If you do your homework, you can find the right aircraft for sale that meets your flight needs and budgetary needs. And considering the low depreciation of aircraft value (sometimes they actually appreciate rather than depreciate), your Cessna 182 buy might be one of the best financial investments you’ll make.

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